PerfectDisk Professional Business

Professional-grade disk defragmentating and optimization tool that aims to speed up your computer, recover storage space and monitor the HDD’s health.

  • PerfectDisk Professional Business
  • Version :14 Build 894
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Raxco Software

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PerfectDisk Professional Business Description

The computer’s hard disk drive can get damaged after intense usage, but this process gets accelerated if you mistreat it. However, there are tons of applications like PerfectDisk Pro Business that aim to automatically look after your storage devices, both to keep them in good shape, and free of any junk files.

Quick accommodation thanks to an organized interface

On the visual side of things, the application wants to make sure you get acquainted with what it has to offer in the blink of an eye. Textures and colors used for overall panels and buttons make it easy to tell functions or sections, while they’re neatly organized in different tabs.

There are quite a lot of operations you can handle, and the great thing is, most of them can be automated. First off, there’s the defragmentation utility, letting you set up the process for multiple drives. You can choose to start optimization right away, schedule, and choose to defrag in boot time so no processes have the time to start.

Automate disk cleaning and defragmentation

Alongside defragmentation, there’s the stealth patrol feature that aims to prevent, or at least slow down disk fragmentation. What this means is that clusters are organized according to process, so they don’t spread throughout the entire disk when used and leave traces behind. This feature can be automated as well.

Apart from the technical approach on cleaning, PerfectDisk Pro Business comes with an extra set of tools for file management. Space distribution is neatly shown, and you can quickly clean temporary files, or empty the Recycle Bin. A built-in duplicate finder lets you set up rules according to file types, and options to add manual filters to find two identical files and remove ones you no longer use.

Space analysis becomes a walk in the park through the management feature. File formats are shown by color, with options to delete, open, or move. However, general system details also become available through the SMART analysis component. Moreover, all details and functions can be used to build thorough reports, which can be saved to file.

To sum it up

Bottom line is that you need to care for your computer a bit more than your room, because if your room isn’t tidy, your hard disk drive is most likely a mess. You can completely rely on PerfectDisk Pro Business for such operations, with effort considerably reduced once you configure cleaning and defragmentation to start automatically.

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