PerfectDisk Home Premium

Analyze and defragment your disks, run optimization actions in the background and schedule tasks, with this powerful and intuitive software solution.

  • PerfectDisk Home Premium
  • Version :14.0 Build 894
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Raxco Software

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PerfectDisk Home Premium Description

File fragmentation is one of the main reasons your computer’s performance can degrade after being used for a lengthy period of time. Whenever files are created, moved or deleted they are split into numerous parts and scattered across your hard drive.

PerfectDisk Home Premium is an easy-to-use application that can reorganize your drive’s contents, ensuring that the various pieces files are made up of are placed as close together as possible, while creating large regions of free space.

Offers multiple defragmentation methods

After analyzing a drive and determining its current status, you can choose from several processing modes to optimize its contents.

You can defragment your drive using the SMARTPlacement algorithm, which provides a complete solution and minimizes future file fragmentation.

However, you can also choose to only consolidate free space, perform a fast, but less effective defragmentation, prepare the volume for resizing or optimize SSDs.

Can automatically optimize drives

To prevent your disks from becoming fragmented in the future, PerfectDisk Home Premium offers a StralthPatrol feature, which can be used to optimize your drive’s contents while you are performing other activities.

You can specify the days of the week on which this function should be enabled, as well as prevent it from launching if certain applications are running.

Schedule operations

If you want your computer to run efficiently at all times, the application can help you perform defragmentations at regular intervals.

PerfectDisk Home Premium allows you to schedule daily, weekly or one-time operations. You can even specify the maximum duration of a processing job and have the application automatically shut down your computer after the task has been completed.

The created schedule is displayed on a monthly calendar and can be enabled or disabled at any time.

Overall, PerfectDisk Home Premium is a comprehensive and intuitive application, designed to help you keep your disk drives in good condition by defragmenting and optimizing their contents.

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