Convert PDFs to CSVs, XLSXs and XLS files with this application that allows one to select which transactions to transfer to the output document.

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PDF2CSV Description

As more and more file formats become available to users, a crucial task is to ensure a common denominator is reached, which allows all parties to exchange information. This is all the more evident in the business world, where communication errors can cause severe losses.

Load PDFs with bank transactions

PDF2CSV is a program that seeks to bridge the gap between PDF and CSV or Excel users. It allows one to transfer bank and credit card transactions stored in Portable Document Format files to XLS and XLSX formats. It should be stated from the start that the application can only load files with a specific layout. Therefore, not all PDFs can be converted.

This being said, users must first activate the software by providing their email address; once this is performed, conversions can be done. One of the great features of this application is the ability to select which items get transferred to the output file. This allows one to discard entries from the source document, without having an actual PDF editor!

Display source document contents

Multiple entries can be selected and filtering between items is facilitated by the wealth of information displayed. The date, sum paid and payee data are among the information displayed in designated columns.

Once happy with their selections, users can export their project to standard CSVs or Excel formats (XLS and XLSX), as well as CSV Mint files. A built-in function can also be employed to print documents, before converting them.

The application transfers selected financial transactions from PDFs to several other types of documents

To sum up, PDF2CSV is a simple, but effective program for anyone in need of a tool to transfer financial data from PDFs to other common formats.

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