A1 Website Search Engine

A comprehensive and practical solution that comes in handy for uses who need to index their entire website and build a site search solution.

  • A1 Website Search Engine
  • Version :8.1.0 Update #1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Micro-Sys

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A1 Website Search Engine Description

If you want to look up files on your computer using the built-in Windows search engine, you might notice it can take a little too long to get results. This happens only in the case when files and folders are not indexed, meaning your operating system doesn’t know what it’s equipped with until it indexes each item. The same goes for an Internet search, with the smooth flow being delivered thanks to well-built and indexed targets. What’s more, you can use apps like A1 Website Search Engine to create such lists of items for your own websites.

Simple, well-organized interface

Although the application sports a simple design that doesn’t pose any accommodation problems, it’s best used by experienced users. Organized in tabs, you need to go through each step for thorough result, with the possibility to directly integrate results in your website by uploading them to the host FTP server.

Configure search criteria and choose a target website

Needless to say that you need to provide a target, which can either be an existing URL or the root directory of your website. While the scan process is in motion, a progress panel displays gathered data in real time, with fields for internal sitemap URLs, external links, as well as jobs done and waiting in the crawler engine. Before triggering the process, you can tweak a few settings to narrow down results for more practicality.

Analyze, edit and sort gathered data

You’re automatically taken to the analysis counterpart. This panel provides thorough, editable details regarding, core and extended data, as well as a decent amount of types to view looked up files. Amongst others, you can launch a basic browser view or validate W3C for HTML and CSS.

What mostly comes in handy here because in enhances speed and workflow is the side panel that provides quick access to internal sitemap and external URLs. Here you can manage every object, regardless of its type by specifying if, how and where to be included in filters for analysis and output.

Build a search engine and upload it to your server

According to the index created so far, moving on gives you the possibility to create a search engine you can integrate in your website. A few types of JavaScript engines are at your disposal, with more options regarding query parameters and visual representation or distribution of results.

Export options enable you to simply save gathered data as plain text files or CSV in case further processing is needed. However, by specifying proper credentials and connection settings, you can have the project uploaded to your FTP server and ready to be put to good use.

In conclusion

On an ending note, A1 Website Search Engine lives up to expectations by providing the necessary tools to create a custom search index for web-related content, with options to quickly save it locally or upload it to your server. You quickly get the hang of it thanks to an intuitive design, overall making for an app worth a try.

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