PDF-XChange Viewer Simple DLL SDK

A powerful software development kit that offers you the possibility to implement a PDF viewer in applications you create using various programming languages.

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PDF-XChange Viewer Simple DLL SDK Description

Most important documents nowadays are found under the PDF format for their enhanced security. If you’re looking to create an office application you might consider implementing a PDF viewer for ease of access. Luckily, PDF-XChange Viewer Simple DLL SDK gives developers the possibility to do so in a large variety of programming languages.

Offers helpful examples

Since it is a software development kit, the application does not come equipped with its own GUI. However, there is an example of how the actual reader looks like, because the deployed interface is the one used for PDF-XChange Viewer.

In the deployment folder, you can also take advantage of a few examples included for C#, C, Delphi or VBNet. Moreover, most of the original viewer’s major functions can be separately accessed and used, as well as a possibility to customize which elements to be available to the end user, such as file menus, viewers and other toolbar or navigation elements.

Thorough online documentation

Fortunately, amongst core files required to successfully deploy the viewer in your application, you can access online help manuals included in the package. These come in handy seeing how there’s no interface and it can be used for various programming languages.

Support for both x32 and x64

What’s more, you can find thorough examples of written code in the help manual so you shouldn’t stumble upon major difficulties in implementing the viewer. For even more accessibility, the package is delivered with files necessary for creating both x32 and x64 applications.

To sum it up

On an ending note, PDF-XChange Viewer Simple DLL SDK is a flexible and powerful set of tools you might want to use if you want your application to offer the end user the possibility to view PDF files. Coming with support for various programming languages it is available to a more diverse public.

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