PDF-XChange Viewer Pro SDK

Enhance your applications with support for viewing and printing PDF documents with this SDK that is compatible with both standard and encrypted files.

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PDF-XChange Viewer Pro SDK Description

PDF documents are widely used today and many developers have sought to capitalize on this situation by creating new programs that target this file format.

For any software engineer who has ever wanted to integrate support for such documents, PDF-XChange Viewer Pro SDK offers a viable solution,

The SDK allows developers to perform all the standard actions, such as viewing and printing PDFs, but one can also run more advanced tasks, such as image extraction, or concurrent use of more than one document.

What’s more, developers have full control over the GUI of the output application or module and insertion of JavaScript snippets is supported.

This latter feature can significantly enhance the final result, more-so since users can adjust and employ no fewer than 579 PDF-specific commands!

The development package also supports multiple languages, thus increasing the number of potential users and software engineers will also appreciate the ability to adjust default input or output settings.

The location of various menus and panes can be customized and the interface can also be enriched by adding ‘zoom’, ‘find’, and ‘tab’ objects.

The SDK is fully compatible with digitally signed documents and Adobe Acroforms can also be inserted.

Encrypted source documents can be processed as long as valid credentials are inserted and bookmarks or other annotations are supported.

PDF-XChange Viewer Pro SDK comes with a wide variety of examples in several common programming languages, including C#, VB, Delphi, and C that can serve to guide developers when building their applications; a detailed manual with explanations for all the variables employed is also available.

These two elements should ensure software engineers have no issues in quickly building their PDF-based programs.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Watermark on each PDF page

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