Create fully-fledged RPG characters, along with all their traits and abilities, and work in a user-friendly environment with this fun to use and creative application.

  • PCGen
  • Version: 6.06.01 / 6.07.02 Unstable
  • License :LGPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:PCGen Team

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PCGen Description

When developing an RPG game, the story is as important as the character’s powers and abilities. In order to better line up with a storyline, all characters must be sturdy and need to have correctly built traits and abilities. With the help of PCGen, this can all be achieved.

The program can help you build a character from scratch and use it in your favorite games. In order to properly function, the program requires Java installed on your computer.

Handy and creative player character generator

The application allows you to create characters for your favorite games. This way, you can customize it, as each playable or NPC can be edited to behave just like you want it.

Furthermore, the program has a multitude of character templates, so that you do not have to create them manually. The races are pretty accurately build in conformance with multiple fantasy stories. Each one of them has several special traits and powers, so all you need to do is select them.

Advanced character building tool

PCGen provides you with a plethora of options for creating a RPG character. You can easily distribute its skill points, as most of these characters are build upon experience grinding and leveling system.

Aside from this, you can also create additional NPC helpers for your character, such as followers and mounts. Depending on the type of game created, these can have a minor or major impact, so being able to create them up to the last detail is essential.

A reliable and powerful character builder with advanced options

To conclude, you can use PCGen to seamlessly build any character that would take part in an RPG game, regardless if it is a playable one or a NPC whose role is to aid or interfere with the role of the main player.

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