Markdown Edit

A Markdown editing application that features syntax highlighting, automatic HTML previewing, spell checking and a modern-looking interface.

  • Markdown Edit
  • Version:1.33
  • License :MIT License
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Mike Ward

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Markdown Edit Description

Markdown Edit is fully compatible with the CommonMark specification, enabling you to edit Markdown documents, as well as HTML or text ones. It allows document formatting and real-time HTML previewing, providing hotkeys for almost all commands, for easier control.

Stylish looks and shortcut keys replacing menus

Markdown Edit is capable of automatically converting text content into HTML format, displaying the HTML page in the preview area, with synchronized scrolling for easier browsing. You can save your project as a Markdown file (MD format) for later use.

It comes with all the options that you would expect from such an application, but what makes it stand out from the crowd is the minimalistic, stylish-looking interface. Markdown Edit leaves the toolbars, status bars, tabbed windows, and button sets aside, deploying a simple window that allows you to focus on the content, without getting distracted.

All the commands are triggered by pre-defined shortcut keys, which you can learn about by accessing the ‘Help’ section (just press ‘F1’ to do so). Most of them are common, so remembering them shouldn’t pose a problem once you get accustomed to working with Markdown Edit.

Powerful Markdown and HTML editor

The editor features word wrapping, syntax highlighting, spell checking, and live word suggestions, also enabling you to create a custom dictionary. You can easily open code snippets or the entire HTML template in Notepad. Simple text formatting options are also available, such as indentation, copy, paste, cut, bold, italic, or search functions.

Dragging and dropping a picture into the main window reveals a menu that prompts you to choose from inserting the image path into the code or uploading the photo to Imgur.

Custom snippets and key bindings enable you to improve your efficiency and productivity while the automatic saving function makes sure your documents are safe at all times.

Create your project in a user-friendly working environment

Considering the above, it’s safe to say that Markdown Edit is worth trying if you are on the lookout for a reliable, yet simple Markdown editing tool.

It bundles all the functions you need to create Markdown and HTML projects while keeping things as simple as possible so that you can emphasize on the content, rather than the editor’s functions.

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