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Calculate payroll taxes, print checks and generate reports with the help of this comprehensive yet easy-to-use piece of software.

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Payroll Mate Description

Being in charge of running a business usually requires you to organize and keep track of certain data about your company, regarding paychecks, forms, reports and other similar information.

Although you can rely on qualified personnel to take care of these issues, you can also turn to third-party software solutions, such as Payroll Mate, that can help you simplify your work.

Please be aware that this application requires Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) and .NET Framework on your computer to run as intended.

Simple user interface

This application can be easily installed on your computer, since it requires no advanced configuration on your part, aside from meeting its dependency requirements.

It features a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that allows you to access its functions in an intuitive manner. All of its controls are neatly organized in the main window as either tabs or standard menus.

Organize company information

Payroll Mate enables you to manage specific data about your business regarding payroll, paychecks, employees, forms and overall company information.

Accessing or editing any of the details mentioned above can be easily achieved by either clicking the corresponding button or choosing the appropriate option from the menus.

Generate reports

Aside from enabling you to view relevant data about your company, this program also provides you advanced report generating functions, thus making it possible for you to keep track of significant statistics.

Creating the reports can be done effortlessly by accessing the reports tab and clicking the desired option from the dedicated list. Among available report templates, you can find State Taxes, Check Register, Deposit Requirement, Payroll Journal Detail and Employee Earnings Total.

As a conclusion

To wrap it up, Payroll Mate is a reliable application that allows you to manage specific information about your company in an effortless manner, by providing you with highly intuitive features and a simple interface.

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