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Create advanced financial simulations based on social media-specific parameters such as visitors, downloads, sales, revenue and profit.

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App Developer Description

If you own a small business and need to explore and analyze future or potential scenarios, you probably need to rely on third-party applications, as they can help you simplify this task.

App Developer is one of the programs that can come in handy in the situation depicted above, as it provides you with several parameters that you can include in your simulation.

Create complex simulations for your business

App Developer can help you generate advanced simulations for your business by integrating a wide variety of parameters that can be included with minimum efforts.

When you launch the application, you can choose between two simulation models from the combo menu and modify their data accordingly. Among the adjustable parameters, it is possible that you find Employees, Salary, Work Hours, Fixed Cost, Fixed Income, Marketing Adwords Budget, Social Media Followers, Follower to Website conversion percentage, App Store Sales, Retail Sales Tax and App Retail Price.

Heavily loaded interface

App Developer comes with a bloated interface that consists of numerous parameters, which can be adjusted by either typing values in designated fields or choosing them from combo menus.

The application features two sets of graphs, a “Detail Input” one and a “Result Graph” one. The first lets you view data before entering it into the application, while the second shows an overview of values in their graphical form.

Tooltips included

If you want, you can enable or disable tooltip assistance by clicking the dedicated button from the Options menu. It is also possible to toggle the banner’s visibility or start the simulation from the same menu.

Handy business simulator that supports several parameters

All things considered, App Developer lets you create a complex simulation of your business by using multiple adjustable parameters. It comes with a heavily loaded interface that might put off certain users but features helpful tooltips.

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