Passwords Max for Groups

Easy-to-use and feature-rich password management application which can help your employees access all the information they require.

  • Passwords Max for Groups
  • Version:5.95 Build 6013 (2017-06-13)
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Vince Sorensen

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Passwords Max for Groups Description

Password Max for Groups is a complex software utility which enables you to easily store and generate passkeys, so that you can manage them in a more efficient manner.

The interface is quite simple, being comprised of a menu bar, several shortcut buttons and a pretty large window in which to display information. In addition to that, you should know that both power and novice users can work with it, with great ease.

You can create multiple accounts with different access levels and categories, so that you can make sure only authorized personnel can access certain information regarding the company.

It is possible to generate random passwords with this tool. You can choose its type from the built-in list provided (word, concatenated words, alphanumeric, hexadecimal, DoD 2 compliant etc.) and size, or just use the “Randomize Settings” button. Aside from that, when using the “Start” button from the list of passkeys, you can launch a document, application or Internet location.

All passwords are displayed in the main window along with description, category, name, password, document, level, expiry and changed date, notes, e-mail address, name on card and target.

Users on the other hand, can be viewed with name, e-mail level, password and record update date, as well as the expiry date. Import is also available from CSV files, while export is possible to CSV and HTML.

Reports can be generated, according to all types of passwords, users or categories. An option called “Break the glass” is incorporated, which enables you one-time access to all passwords and sends a notification to the Administrator.

To sum up, Password Max for Groups is a user-friendly, complex and efficient piece of software when it comes to managing and generating passwords for your employees, with a good response time.

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