PassMark Sleeper

Test your computer’s ability to enter and recover from hibernation or sleep with this compact application that offers advanced configuration options.

  • PassMark Sleeper
  • Version :2.3 Build 1012
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PassMark Software

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PassMark Sleeper Description

Those who rely on the sleep and hibernation features offered by their operating system might seek for a way of testing their performance and process cycle. This can be done manually, although it will not provide valuable insight in the events that occur when such a command is initiated. PassMark Sleeper is here to provide a better tool that can help people test the sleep or hibernation cycles on their PCs, with its highly configurable analysis tool.

Consistent interface that provides access to several sleep cycles and an event log viewer

PassMark Sleeper features a simple interface that offers easy access to three predefined sleep states (S1- S3) and one hibernation state (S4). One can easily select the preferred one for the testing sequence and the application will provide an on-screen timer for the elapsed time for each selected state.

Furthermore, a dedicated event log viewer is provided, which will display all the events that are occurring during the sleep or hibernation cycle. All the displayed events are color coded and users benefit from a legend in the interface that will help them identify the status of the messages much easier.

Configure a testing sequence for your PC’s sleep and hibernation cycles, with this compact utility

The application comes packed with a dedicated configuration module that will offer users a way of defining the parameters for the testing sequence. Custom durations for the different sleep or hibernation cycles can be entered, but the application doesn’t offer information about the time unit. This could be obvious, but novice users might be confused at first.

Looking on potential improvements, it would have been interesting for the utility to also provide a realtime event log, during the actual sleep / hibernation cycle. Therefore users could understand the process even better. Additionally, one minor shortcoming is that the log view area cannot be resized and this could frustrate some people.

Useful software solution that can offer insight into the sleep / hibernation cycles of your PC

Analyzing the sleep and hibernation cycles on a PC is something interesting and this could be one reason which makes this application a good choice for those who wish to test such processes. It will offer them easy customization of the testing sequence parameters and an informative event log. In it, they will be able to identify the different stages of the sleep / hibernation cycle.

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