Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition

Verify and repair PAR2 and other file types in a simple manner with the help of this easy-to-use but comprehensive piece of software.

  • Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition
  • Version :2.21
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TSDARKNESS

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Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition Description

Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition is a tool designed to be a straightforward solution for verifying PAR2, SFV and MD5 files.

Besides that, with this application you are also able to repair PAR2 files as well as extract from ZIP and RAR archives.

Easy to use interface

Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition displays a user-friendly GUI which is separated into a side toolbar and two adjacent areas where you can view the loaded files and the results of their analysis.

Files can be added to the application by using the Windows Explorer to locate them on your hard drive, or by simply dragging them into the appropriate section in the interface. You can open a context menu for any of the files you have loaded and look for them on various search engines, browse the selected file and reposition it in the list.

Verify and repair

Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition makes it possible for you to check and repair damaged, misnamed, split or missing files and monitor active ones at regular intervals. You can set the time at which a file is scanned and as well as how long it takes to search for new items in a given folder.

The application let’s you choose the default verification level that you want to use and set it ‘Default’, ‘Simple’ and ‘Extra’ while also opting for one of the two PAR2 operations, ‘Verify and Repair’ or ‘Just verify’.

An efficient workflow

Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition is created to be fast and practical. In this sense, it’s fitted with options that allow you to pause and resume entire operations, skip files that are troublesome and even exclude items that have already been added so as to avoid repetition and time wasted inefficiently .

Batch check files

In closing, if you’re looking for a tool that almost automates PAR2, SFV and MD5 verification and does it in an intuitive way, then you should definitely try Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition.

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