Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery

Recover the SMS messages and contact list from a rooted Android device that you damaged, got infected, stolen or lost with software solution.

  • Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery
  • Version :3.0.34
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Coolmuster Studio

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Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery Description

From having your smartphone stolen, damaged or lost to virus attacks, jailbreak, error operations, reset and accidental deletion, there are many unexpected incidents that can lead to data loss on your Android device.

Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery is a lightweight utility designed to help you restore some of the most important piece of information you store on your smartphone, namely the contact list and messages.

The app works with a rooted Android device only

The setup is quick, uneventful and does not require any special attention from your part. Upon launch, the application prompts you to connect your Android mobile device via a USB cable to the computer. In case this is not possible or the app cannot read the data, then it is recommended that you enable USB debugging and make sure you have the latest Samsung drivers.

It is important to note that the utility works with rooted smartphones only and hence, you are not able to use it on devices that you do not have full privileges to. The tool automatically installs the app on your Android and once you scan the QR code provided, you can preview the data that can be recovered.

Enables you to backup your data and have a safety net in case of disaster

Following the installation, the program scans your smartphone deeply and displays all the SMS messages and contacts that can be restored. You will be happy to learn that the data can be previewed with details, including the contact data and attachments so that you know what you are about to recover.

The application also enables you to create backups for the data, an option that can save you a lot of time and energy in case you need to overcome an unpleasant event again. More precisely, the program enables you to save messages in a readable or printable formats, namely TXT, XML, HTML and CSV.

A tool designed to recover the Contact list and messages from your Android phone

In the eventuality that you lost, damaged or deleted the data on your Android by mistake and you need to get your contact list as well as your important messages back, then perhaps Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery could come in handy.

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