Effortlessly capture websites and save them in PNG image format with this application that provides custom image size or entire page saving.

  • page2png
  • Version :1.2.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Matthew Hipkin

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page2png Description

Those who surf the Internet frequently might require an efficient way of capturing entire websites or specific sections. page2png is an application that was developed in order to offer users an accessible way of capturing web pages and saving them to PNG image format. Providing both full-page and custom resolution image saving, it promises to provide an easy handling.

Single interface that provides website preview and screen capturing tools

The application presents users with a basic interface that allows them to input the preferred website address, access it and preview its contents. Depending on the individual preferences, one can choose to capture the entire website contents or a specified width and height.

Regardless of the selected option, the utility will display the website in its main viewing area, but unfortunately, it does not provide zooming or other controls for the opened websites. Those who wish to access the mobile version of websites can select the appropriate option from the capture type menu.

Capture websites and save them to PNG image format, with this utility that might lack essential features

Users will be able to open the required websites and the application will display them accordingly. However, no interaction is possible with the displayed pages and one needs to provide the exact address if individual pages are to be opened.

Additionally, when choosing to save only sections of websites, with a predefined with and height, people cannot specify which area from the entire website is targeted. This issue is highly annoying and practically defeats the whole purpose of the application.

Average utility that will help users save websites to PNG image format, but which might have several drawbacks

page2png could be a fair choice for those who require a tool for capturing websites and saving them to image format. It will offer them a “no-brainer” interface that offers easy handling, but might compromise in the number of features. People will not be able to interact with the opened websites or select which area from the entire website to be captured. These two issues alone are enough to make page2png unreliable.

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