A comprehensive application that enables users to access EDF files, analyze spectra and save images or maps on their personal computer.

  • AGLAE Map
  • Version :4.3.2
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PICHON Laurent

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AGLAE Map Description

Professionals who are involved in working with Particle-induced X-ray Emission mapping (PIXE), might require a software solution for analyzing such nuclear data. AGLAE Map is an application that was developed in order provide a tool for visualizing, handling and quantifying PIXE maps. It will enable users to switch between various detectors with ease and perform elemental mapping.

Basic interface that provides tools for handling EDF files and visualizing spectra

AGLAE Map offers a minimalist interface that doesn’t impress through its looks; however, it provides all the necessary elements for loading external images, saving the preferred spectra and exporting maps.

One will be able to load the preferred images, input the Esrf data format files and preview the resulting spectra on the provided visualizer area. A handy brush, with adjustable width is provided, enabling users a good degree of flexibility.

Analyze PIXE maps and save the required spectra to external formats, with this capable utility

The application provides a dedicated graph in its main interface, where one can preview the parameter variation and select a logarithmic or linear scale. RAW and MPS support is offered and people can select a preferred color map.

Several palettes are included, allowing people to achieve the required visual presentation when analyzing the PIXE maps. If a proper spectra is detected, one can easily save it by using the provided commands.

Valuable application for those who require a way of analyzing particle-induced X-ray emissions

AGLAE Map could be of interest for people who need a reliable tool for analyzing PIXE maps and handling EDF files. It will provide them with a straightforward solution that will allow them to visualize, handle and quantify PIXE maps with data from elemental make-up dating. Featuring a customizable spectrum and several predefined color maps, the utility will enable users to easily save the preferred spectra to disk.

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