Access multiple forums, boards and threads from your computer by turning to this handy application that features several useful functions.

  • Owl
  • Version:0.7.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:LulzApps

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Owl Description

If you enjoy spending your time on various message boards, you have probably considered searching for an application that can help you access them from the same place.

Fortunately, nowadays there are some programs that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results without great difficulty. One of the utilities mentioned above is Owl.

Please note that this application requires you to have a working Internet connection so that it can function as intended.

Quick, hassle-free setup

Installing this program on your computer can be accomplished without considerable efforts since you do not need to perform any additional, complex configuration steps.

You only need to launch the installer package, define your preferred destination path and hit the Install button. A shortcut icon is automatically created on your desktop so that you can access the application easily after you set it up.

Smooth design

Owl comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that encompasses various intuitive functions, which can be easily operated by a broad range of users. However, a good understanding of message boards concepts is required in order to benefit from its capabilities entirely.

Some of its controls are available as buttons on the main window while others are neatly organized in standard menus.

Access multiple forums

This application can help you access several forums and threads from the same location without significant efforts.

Adding a new board can be easily done by clicking the dedicated button, specifying the address of the desired message board, choosing the platform it runs on and typing your credentials in the designated fields.

Handy configuration window

More so, it is possible that you can adjust certain parameters from the configuration window, to enhance your overall experience. Some of the settings are related to browsing, parsers, proxy and User Agent.

Also, each board can be configured according to your preferences by clicking the Settings button for each entry. The values you can adjust include name, URL, credentials, auto-refresh and encryption.

Reliable message board viewer with several useful functions

All this considered, Owl is a useful application that can help you connect to multiple message boards at the same time and organize them within the same window. It packs a user-friendly interface, intuitive functions and easy-to-understand configuration windows.

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