Enhance your Photoshop projects with this plugin that provides you with a vast collection of icons, which can be easily integrated.

  • Othericons
  • Version :1.1.1_WU.16.1.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Piffle, LLC

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Othericons Description

If you work as a graphic designer and handle your projects with Adobe Photoshop, you probably understand the importance of having reliable extensions.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide selection of plugins, such as Othericons, that can provide you with various additional features to help you enhance your projects.

Please note that this utility cannot be installed or run on your computer unless you provide it with a supported version of Adobe Photoshop beforehand.

Non-complicated setup

This program can be easily installed on your computer, as long as all the required dependencies are met since no additional configuration is required on your part.

The only steps you need to follow are hitting the Install button when prompted or manually browse to the Photoshop installation path in case it cannot identify it automatically.

Simple layout

Othericons integrates well with Photoshop and can be easily accessed via the Extension manager component from the Window menu. After loading it, you need to link it to your Source account and authorize it, as instructed.

Its layout is quite simple and provides you with various functions that can be easily operated by a broad range of users, regardless of their PC skills and previous experience with similar software.

Extensive icon library

Othericons can help you enhance your Photoshop projects by providing you with a vast collection of icons, which can be easily integrated. After loading the plugin, you can either browse the entire collection or sort the items by their category.

You can also access a rudimentary configuration section where you can decide whether icons are imported as smart objects or as separate layers.

Handy Photoshop plugin that offers you several icons

All things considered, Othericons is a reliable Photoshop plugin that can help you enhance your projects by providing you with an extensive set of icons. It can be quickly installed on the target computer, features a user-friendly interface and packs a handful of easy-to-understand functions.

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