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Replace the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard with this straightforward little utility that lets you capture any area on your desktop.

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My Screen Capture Description

Taking a screenshot at the right moment can be the winning argument or one of the key elements in software and games testing. Besides your default keyboard button you can use various applications with more post processing options, one of which being My Screen Capture.

Stealthy and easy to use

Launching the application might leave you wondering when the main window is going to show up. This is because it does not have one, hiding in the system tray from the beginning.

Opening it from there brings up an adjustable box you can drag around the screen until reaching the area you want to capture. A large camera button acts like a trigger for the process, after which a notification pop up informs you that the screenshot was taken.

Only a few options to work with

Aside from the basic function mentioned above, there is little else you can do. The only output file types are BMP or JPG formats, with quality selector for the last one. By default, the grabber window minimizes after a screenshot is taken, which is helpful if only one picture is needed, but you can set it to remain on your desktop until you decide it is no longer of use.

Unfortunately, there is no implemented hotkey support, which would have been useful considering it mostly spends time in the system tray and images are automatically saved to file. Speaking of which, the default directory where captures are placed, cannot be set, but there is an option that lets you quickly bring up the specific folder.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that My Screen Capture is a straightforward forward tool to use when you had enough of the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. It’s fairly easy to use, but the lack of hotkey support and no post processing options make it seem like a one night stand.

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