Buy and manage games from the store, view the latest bargains and keep in touch with your friends by turning to this application.

  • Origin
  • Version : – 0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Electronic Arts, Inc.

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Origin Description

If you like playing computer games in your free time and prefer digital releases instead of physical copies (such as CDs or DVDs), you probably need a tool that can help you organize your library.

Origin is one of the software solutions that can help you buy and retrieve new content, organize it on your computer efficiently and also keep in touch with other friends that use it.

Highly intuitive

Even if you never used this application or other similar ones before, you can jump straight into the action, since its interface is highly intuitive and enables you to benefit from its capabilities without significant efforts.

However, after you install it on the target computer, you need to provide it with valid credentials, so that it can grant you access to its features.

Explore the store, buy games, organize your library

After you log in your account, the application grants you access to 3 core categories, displayed in the dedicated pane inside the main window: “My Home,” “Store,” and “Game Library”.

The first one shows various news regarding featured entries, game-related articles from around the web and items that are currently popular on Origin. The “Store” lets you browse the selection of games that are available for sale, but also hot deals or free games.

Last, but not least, your “Game Library” is the place where every item that you bought or imported into the application is displayed. Therefore, you can organize your content, set games as your favorite, download games to your computer, hide them or see their properties.

Social support

Origin lets you connect with friends that also use this application. From the main window, you can notice the chat toolbar in the corner of your screen. Clicking it will expand it and display all of your contacts. If you have no contacts in your list, you can start adding some by typing their name in the designated field and clicking the corresponding button.

All of your friend requests are displayed in your contact list so that you can keep track of them, or even cancel them if necessary.

Handy configuration window

If you are in the mood of customizing various settings for the application, you can quickly navigate to the “Application Settings” section from the “Origin” menu. Here you can adjust parameters regarding the application, access diagnostic tools, specify installation and save paths on the cloud or your PC, toggle notifications and handle device settings.

Efficient game library manager with social support

As a conclusion, Origin is a useful tool that can help you manage and broaden your game library as well as connect to friends that are also using it. It comes with a highly intuitive interface that lets you benefit from its capabilities without significant efforts, while also providing more advanced users with handy configuration menus.

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