Docker Toolbox

It makes it possible for you to build and run distributed, multi-platform application installers with the help of its useful set of components and user-friendly GUI.

  • Docker Toolbox
  • Version : 17.06.0-ce
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Docker Inc

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Docker Toolbox Description

Irrespective of the product in question, packaging is more often than not a determinant factor towards our decision of wanting to buy it or not.

When it comes to the applications we install on our computers, things are by no means very different, as we clearly prefer apps that bundle within their installers all the necessary components for them to properly work.

Docker Toolbox is a useful collection of tools and components that helps you wrap your distributed apps into containers that include source codes, libraries and other third-party software ingredients, thus ensuring that they can be installed with a minimum effort on the user’s behalf.

Fairly simple installation process, considering all the components involved

Before you get started, you need to be aware of the fact that Docker Toolbox will install the following elements on your computer’s system: Docker Client, Docker Machine, Docker Compose, VirtualBox and, the most useful of the lot, Docker Kitematic.

The tool undergoes a fairly simple installation process, that does not require any intervention on your part. Subsequent to its installation, you can launch Docker Toolbox by double clicking the “Docker Quickstart”, now present on the desktop.

Once you’ve done this, a Command Prompt window should appear and Docker should be up and ready for action in a couple of seconds.

Manages to be comprehensive without feeling too complicated

From this point forward, you can start taking advantage of everything that this tool has to offer. The Docker Client, Docker Machine and Docker Compose all team up to make it possible for you to build and run containers, as well as to create multi-dependency installers for your apps.

While all the heavy lifting is done by the aforementioned components, most of your work will be possible thanks to Kitematic, which acts as a user-friendly GUI. Note that you can use Docker Toolbox directly from the Command Prompt, if you have the proper skill set. The fact that Docker Tools was designed to make things as easy as possible, becomes evident from the first seconds you interact with it.

User-friendly and accessible toolbox for wrapping your apps

The main window is well organized and the user-interface is very responsive and modern-looking. All the active containers are available from the panel on the left side of the main window, while the right side is mostly dedicated to working with the environment variables.

Creating new containers is as simple as you can imagine and can be easily achieved by pressing the designated button on the top of the interface. Although the workflow is quite straightforward, if you do get stuck, then taking a look at the official tutorials available on Docker’s website will surely clear the air.

Create app packages with no more than a few mouse clicks

Taking all of the above into consideration, Docker Toolbox is a very versatile and useful tool that provides developers with a very quick and efficient way to package their apps with all the necessary components that deem satisfactory results on multiple platforms.

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