OrientDB Community Edition

A reliable and fast NoSQL database engine that comes with an open-source license to allow any administrator to enjoy its benefits.

  • OrientDB Community Edition
  • Version :2.2.22
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Luca Garulli

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OrientDB Community Edition Description

OrientDB Community Edition delivers a robust, yet fast database management system that can store a large number of records. Aside from its flexibility, one of the major advantages it prides itself on is the speed, which is due to the direct connections between records.

Simple configuration of the database server

The application requires no installation, but a quick look at the deployment instructions is recommended. First, make sure JDK is installed on your PC; then, start the server and assign a custom password to the ‘root’ user, a step that is needed only the first time you run OrientDB. Once you access the web-based dashboard, everything should run smoothly.

OrientDB Community Edition comes with an example database that you can explore while also offering the possibility to import a public database or even create a new one from scratch.

Execute database queries and manage records

The management dashboard enables you to execute database queries, featuring auto-complete options for the SQL and Gremlin languages. Queries can be easily bookmarked and stored in the history area, which helps you run them at a later time, without having to re-write the commands. The queries are executed by sending instructions to the OrientDB server via the HTTP/RESt and JSON protocols.

There are various types of data OrientDB Community Edition can store, assigning classes and attributes to each record. Similar entries are stored in clusters or, in other words, tables. What is interesting is that you can work with OrientDB as you would with a graph database, creating vertexes and edges to build the database structure.

Open-source database management system

While it uses a NoSQL engine, OrientDB Community Edition does require you to possess prior knowledge when it comes to working with databases since the language used in the manual is pretty specific.

It bundles all the advantages of a relational database management system, with plenty of options that can meet the requirements of the most demanding users, leaving it up to you to discover it all. And since it is delivered under an open-source license, it is definitely worth a try.

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