OrgScheduler LAN

Enhance collaboration inside your team by creating a shared schedule inside a network, with privilege setup, an intuitive workspace, and reminders in the form of emails.

  • OrgScheduler LAN
  • Version:8.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:orgbusiness

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OrgScheduler LAN Description

Needless to say that important businesses all revolve around carefully planned activities, and time is an important resource here. There are various specialized applications to use in order to create schedules, and even communicate with your entire team. This is exactly the purpose of OrgScheduler LAN, with enhanced capabilities if used inside a network.

Easy setup of master and user components

The deployment package contains two elements, one of which needs to be installed on the master computer, while the client side needs to be on all computers communicating with the first. Regardless of the case, setup takes little time and effort, and it’s best to make sure the network connection is in order.

As far as the visual design is concerned, the application makes accommodation a walk in the park, especially since it relies on the popular Ribbon menu style. Menus let you choose the timeline style, which can be vertical or horizontal, access options, manage LAN traffic, create backups, and handle resources.

Easily create schedules, share, and export

The rest of the window is the general workspace. The center timeline makes it easy to add new events, but it’s best to first make sure all LAN computers are connected, and set up resources so that fields are quickly filled in from related drop-down menus inside the event creation screen.

Computers on the specific network can have privileges configured, in case you only want to provide view privileges, or allow others to create and manage schedules. More sharing options are available under the export option, which enable you to place the entire project on a USB flash drive, or export as Excel spreadsheet, text document, HTML, Outlook, or XML.

You can choose to work offline, while the same panel also shows all computers connected to the network. A schedule can be fitted with start and end times, set to take the entire day, use specific resources, have reminders alert every now and then, and even have emails sent as reminders.

To conclude

All things considered, OrgScheduler LAN is sure to come in handy for enhancing collaboration in a large team, especially if all work computers are connected to the same network. Setup of both the client and user components is a walk in the park, while the set of features and visual design are sure to make it worth your while.

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