myriaCross editor

Create and edit various stitch or knitting patterns, such as full crosses, petite stitches, backstitches, French knots, beads, specialty stitches, motifs, buttons, charms, knitting stitches, and latch hook knots.

  • myriaCross editor
  • Version :1.61
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Pascal Souchet

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myriaCross editor Description

myriaCross editor is a lightweight Windows application designed as an embroidery and quilt file creator. It is able to convert pictures to cross stitch patterns and create knitting motifs.

User interface

If you are a first-time user, you can opt for the simplified view mode which embeds only the essential features that you can use for creating models and converting them to embroidery or knitting files.

There’s also support for an advanced panel that includes plenty of configuration settings, so you won’t get bored tweaking them.

The GUI cannot be described as highly intuitive, as it integrates several small and colorful buttons that are hard to decode. A help manual is included in the package in case you want to find out more about the tool’s capabilities and tooltips are shown when you hover the mouse cursor over a specific feature.

Importing/exporting options

myriaCross editor lets you import data from various file formats, such as cross stitch items (e.g. PAT, XSD, CHART, MOTIF, STH, SPF, PTN, JGG, CXS, PLB), embroidery files (e.g. DST, EMD, EXP, JEF, PCD, STX), quilting files (e.g. PAT, SSD, TXT, MQR), knitting files (e.g. CUT, NIT, PAT), latch hook files (MCPAT), as well as pictures (e.g. BMP, GIF, PSD, TGA, TIF).

When it comes to exporting options, you may save the items to different file formats, such as PAT, XSD, DST, DXF, EXP, SSD, CDM, and PHD.

Key features of the program

myriaCross editor gives you the possibility to convert photos to cross stitch patterns, machine embroidery motifs, knitting motifs, as well as latch hook motifs.

The tool also comes with support for three quarter, half, quarter, and petite stitches, and allows you to change the stitch type using predefined hotkeys, generate a backstitch, and design French knots, beads, specialty stitches, motifs, buttons and charms, and text with customizable size.

You can make use of several editing features that help you cut, copy, erase, rotate, flip, or center objects, fill in shapes with different colors, and make use of a color picker.

Last but not least, myriaCross editor lets you zoom in or out of the design, undo your actions, view the stitches distribution histogram, enable a sewing simulation mode and adjust the sewing speed, view objects as 3D shapes, as well as create scrapbook projects with photos, charms and text.

A reliable editor for stitches

In conclusion, myriaCross editor accommodates a powerful suite of features for helping you create your own cross stitch, knitting, latch hook and quilting patterns. You may need to invest extra time in order to get used to working with it but the results are impressive so it’s going to worth it.

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