Opener for Windows 8.1

A simple and extremely quick application for Windows 8.1 that enables you to decompress a wide range of archive formats with little effort.

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Opener for Windows 8.1 Description

Opener is a handy and straightforward piece of software that was created specifically for devices running Windows 8.1 as an operating system, as it can help you decompress archives in little to no time.

Compact and intuitive looks

Appearance-wise, the application is very easy to understand and work with, its interface posing no difficulty, even to the less inexperienced individuals.

The interface of Opener comprises its two main functions, specifically ‘Open File’ and ‘Compress File’, which can be accessed and run with a simple click or tap.

Quickly create archives or extract their contents

The program is capable of decompressing several different extensions, ranging from the more popular, like ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP, 7ZIP, to the less common, such as LZ, LZMA or LZ4. However, in terms of output options, it can only generate ZIP files.

To extract the contents of an archive, Opener lets you indicate its source path, and automatically exports its contents to the ‘Downloads’ library on your system. You cannot preview the files prior to the decompression task, nor can you grab specific files from it, as the tool processes its entire contents in one go and just informs you when complete.

Creating an archive requires you to select the ‘Compress File’ function, then indicate the precise item that you need to work with. Bear in mind that you can only target one object at a time, as Opener does not allow you to select multiple files simultaneously. Once compressed, the ZIP is also exported to the ‘Downloads’ folder.

A clear-cut extraction instrument

To conclude, Opener is a useful albeit rather limited decompression tool which aims to help you extract the contents of archives on the fly, but fails to offers sufficient room for customization throughout the process.

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