An easy-to-use tool which converts archives into different compression formats such as the popular ZIP, 7-ZIP or RAR to less known ones like TAR, TGZ or UHARC.

  • ArcConvert
  • Version :0.70 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dirk Paehl

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ArcConvert Description

Even though most compression tools are compatible with nearly all available archive formats, circumstances might require a particular one. Luckily, applications like ArcConvert allow you to convert archives between several formats, including ZIP, 7ZIP, CAB, TAR, BZA and ARJ.

Easy deployment on your disk drive

The software doesn’t require any installation. Also, your Windows registry entries will remain intact. Since it is portable, you can place ArcConvert on an external device and directly run the executable file on any computer.

Packed with an intuitive interface

The user interface of the program consists of a standard window in which you have limited options. You can open an archive by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” method.

Thus, you can check the archived file, set the priority level (normal, idle, high or realtime), specify the output format, input a password (if the file is encrypted), update the check and initiate the conversion process.

Helpful post-process information

Once the task is completed, you receive a popup message that notifies you whether or not the process is successful. Also, you can view the original as well as the new size of the archive to get a better view on the amount of disk space saved.

Overall, ArcConvert is pretty minimalistic when it comes to its functionality. Also, it doesn’t include a help file, but, truth is it doesn’t need one, since it is extremely simple to use.

To sum it up

All things considered, ArcConvert takes up a low amount of system resources and didn’t freeze, crash or pop up any errors during our test. So, if you are looking for a simple tool that can seamlessly convert compressed files, then we can recommend ArcConvert.

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