O&O Defrag Workstation

Optimize your computer’s performance by automatically eliminating file defragmentation by using this intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

  • O&O Defrag Workstation
  • Version :23.0 Build 3094
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :O&O Software GmbH

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O&O Defrag Workstation Description

Improving the performance of a computer usually means that users can do things faster, and this is highly significant when it comes to a work PC since they can stay efficient when doing their jobs.

O&O Defrag Workstation is one of the applications designed specifically for those who need to boost the performance of their computers by checking their hard drives for fragmented files and errors.

Simple, intuitive functions

This piece of software comes with straightforward capabilities, allowing users to analyze their hard drives for fragmented files with only a few mouse clicks. Additionally, it can make it as easy to defragment these files and to optimize the overall computer performance.

Users can view info on their drive’s fragmentation directly on the program’s main window, and they can also generate and view reports on the selected drive. Additionally, the software allows users to view a history of their drive’s fragmentation and status, as well as file status.

Check disks for errors

Besides to offering defragmentation features, the application includes support for checking hard drives for errors, thus allowing users to discover any hidden issues with their drives. However, it users the integrated Windows check disk tool for this.

Users can take advantage of this application to view info on their disk’s clusters, and can also check the fragmentation of individual files. This function displays both the number of fragments discovered for a selected file, and their location on the drive.

Automatic defragmentation

O&O Defrag Workstation includes support for automatizing the defragmentation process, thus allowing users to enjoy increased performance without having to interact with it at all times. Users just need to select the periodicity of the operation, and the software does the rest.

To increase the performance of their computers even more, users can take advantage of this tool when they want to clean the unused storage on their hard disks. It can also be set to automatically optimized the free space on the HDD.

A robust HDD utility

All in all, O&O Defrag Workstation is an easy-to-use, reliable disk analysis and defragmentation application. It allows users to discover fragmented files and to optimize disk usage to improve the performance of their computers, and can also be set to perform desired operations automatically.

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