Browse through your computer with more ease and significantly faster from your context menu with the help of this lightweight software application.

  • FastFolders
  • Version :5.10.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DeskSoft

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FastFolders Description

Working with a lot of files and folders requires quick navigation for more efficiency. Although an operating system’s integrated search engine provides this, various applications like FastFolders want to offer a helping hand.

Easily access any file or folder

The main function of the application is to create an integrated explorer in your context menu. Right clicking on a file brings it you and you are able to see “FastFolders”.

When hovering your mouse cursor over the option, it reveals its content, if it is a folder, along with elements on your desktop, recently used or favorite. It makes navigation a little easier, especially with the possibility to add paths and objects to the favorites menu.

Several customization possibilities

Running the application brings up a window with a handful of options you can set. You can choose to display a tool tip or enable a sub open area with customizable size, so that menus don’t accidentally appear.

You are also able to set the position in the context menu at the top, bottom as well as near the mouse, for quicker access. On the visual side, colors can be set for any elements from the menu, to make it perfectly blend in with your desktop.

Additionally, if you prefer a different file explorer than the one provided by your operating system, the application gives you the possibility to set it as a default file browser while opening folders through its menus.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that FastFolders tries to make navigation just a little more faster than a search engine. The concept is pretty neat, but if you move too fast all opened menus can accidentally close, resulting in a more time-consuming process that initially thought.

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