A simple and easy to use Virtual Network Computing application that enables you to remotely control your computer using any web browser as client.

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OnlineVNC Description

We all had that one friend or relative that requires a little bit of assistance when it comes to computers. When faced with such a situation, probably one of the most elegant solutions is to take advantage of what a VNC or a graphical desktop sharing system has to offer and remotely solve the issue at hand without extra fuss.

OnlineVNC is a streamlined piece of software that can help you do just that. Simply put, Online VNC is a user-friendly tool that enables you to control PCs remotely, besides its other secondary functions.

User-friendly and interesting VNC app

Before you get started, you should know that the application does not offer a typical VNC client but, instead, it relies on the web-browser installed on your computer’s system. This means that you will do all the remote controlling work within your web-browser.

The utility undergoes a surprise-free installation process and upon first launching it, you are met by a modern-looking and simplistic user interface. With its handy ribbon toolbar, the application is very well developed even for not so experienced users out there.

The main advantage of this particular software solution is the fact that it does not require the installation of any third-party app on the other computer. If this sounds a bit vague, the whole connection process is possible merely by clicking a received or sent link.

Share your desktop via a link within seconds

You simply need to send the link to your friend that wants to help you. Upon clicking it, he immediately starts viewing your desktop, without having to install other apps.

Regarding the fact that OnlineVNC uses a web-browser as a client, you should not be worried, as the app provides you with a clear-cut web-based remote controller. In a few words, you can transfer files via an FTP service and open a Geo-location window.

Besides this, you can take screenshots, easily lock the computer and switch between a fit-to-screen or a fullscreen mode. Best of all, since it is a cross-platform app and it uses local web-browsers as clients, it means that you can help or be helped by friends regardless of their operating system, be it Mac OS X, Linux or Windows.

Simple, different and modern-looking VNC utility

To conclude, if you are looking for an alternative to your typical VNC apps out there that require a bit of an effort on behalf of both involved parties, then you should definitely give OnlineVNC a change, as it might seem easier to use and more accessible.

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