A node-based compositing application that allows you to create complex scripts in order to create high quality multimedia content.

  • NukeX
  • Version :10.5v1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :The Foundry

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NukeX Description

In the eventuality that you are working on projects that require high-quality graphic elements and animations, then there is a good chance that you are looking for a solution that allows you to play around with VFX in a flexible environment.

NukeX is a comprehensive application that provides you with state-of-the-art tools to craft, edit and animate stunning graphic elements using node-based visual effects.

Comes with a stylish and well-organized interface

First off, you should know that the application requires a high-performance computer in order to run and render processes properly. The program comes with a feature-rich, yet well-structured interface that enables smooth navigation between the various composition and editing functions.

The interface is comprised of several panels, including a preview one where you can analyze the effects and modifications you add thoroughly. You should know that the app includes an extensive toolbar that contains an impressive amount of tools to create, edit and render high-quality graphic elements and graphs.

Enables you to write your own scripts from scratch

Thanks to the numerous functions it comes with, the program allows you to create your own image processing operations. Consequentially, you can write the code once and then run it into the application so you can optimize it fully and make sure it works on a wide variety of devices.

Among the tools that allow you to create impressive animations and advanced compositions you can count vector generators, particles, PrmanRender, FurnaceCore, LensDistortions and a fully integrated Camera Tracker, just to name a few.

You will be glad to learn that the program can be connected to the asset management software you are working with, an option that can make the workflow in a team smoother. Moreover, it can promote the collaboration and improve communication among the artists who are part of a team.

Includes a detailed help section and various tutorials

Granted, some users might feel intimated by the plethora of tools available and there is also a good chance that you are not might not know how to use them all. You should rest assured that the program comes with an extensive help menu that provides explainations on what each function does in detail.

Moreover, the app includes quick links to Nukepedia, a platform that contains a knowledge base and various tools that you can find useful for your different projects. Alternatively, you can access the training and tutorials and learn how to create various tweaks for you VFX effects.

An excellent app that supports creativity

In the eventuality that you are trying to obtain some stunning effects for your next game release or you want to make a few edits to a movie or documentary, then perhaps NukeX might be of help.

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