Set time limits for other users on your PC, enabling you to manage how long your children sit in front of the computer in one session.

  • Metronomos
  • Version :4.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Spinning Byte

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Metronomos Description

Metronomos is a user-friendly and practical piece of software whose main function consists of helping you set precise usage limits to the computer, being aimed mainly at parents who wish to control the amount of time children spend online or playing games.

Neatly-structured and intuitive looks

The application features a colorful and attractive user interface, its usage being sufficiently straightforward and accessible, no matter the previous experience in working with similar programs.

The main window of Metronomos displays the current time limit as well as an account of the duration spent on the PC by the user. To perform any modifications, you will be prompted to run it as an administrator.

Define time usage rules and restrictions for your children

The utility identifies all of the Windows users from the host computer and lists them in the ‘Administration’ panel, enabling you to select each one and establish their permitted usage period by setting up daily limits.

As such, you can indicate the time interval for allowing a specific user to work on the PC, also being able to input a maximum time limit, which cannot be exceeded. Several rules can be set for the same day, on condition that they do not overlap. You can define the start and end times for the ‘Allowed Period’, then restrict the total duration of computer usage to a given number of hours.

Rules can only be configured by the administrator, a status which can be confirmed through a password. The first time you run Metronomos, you will be able to define it, while later on, you can change it from the ‘Settings’ section; it will also be necessary if you wish to uninstall the tool.

However, during our testing, a few difficulties were encountered with the administrator password, as Metronomos failed to recognize the entered string on a number of occasions, which can cause a real problem for anyone looking to work with it on a daily basis.

A handy PC usage restriction tool

To sum it up, Metronomos is an interesting parental control program that aims to help you better manage how much time your kids get to spend on the PC, ensuring none of them abuses their privileges to the detriment of the others.

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