NTS File Mover

Schedule jobs to copy, move, delete, rename, encrypt, decrypt, zip and unzip files, send them via email, or upload to FTP, Dropbox or Google.

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NTS File Mover Description

NTS File Mover is a reliable application that allows you to copy, move or upload files to online locations. The program is a highly competent file manager that permits file archiving, encryption, decryption, deletion or transfer by email. Moreover, the program can also upload the selected items to the indicated cloud account.

Manage tasks, jobs and schedules

NTS File Mover allows you to manage files by creating tasks, jobs and schedules. Each task consists of one of the supported actions: copy, move, delete, rename, run, zip, unzip, encrypt or decrypt the selected items.

Additional actions include the management of files in one of the cloud accounts: Box, Dropbox, a specified FTP/SFTP server, Google or SharePoint. You need to provide the login details and authenticate yourself to one of these services, to upload, download or delete files from the cloud. Moreover, you can send files as attachments to emails.

Assign tasks to jobs and schedules

NTS File Mover allows you to create several tasks and configure each of them according to the requirements. For instance, you need to provide the email addresses, login credentials and attach the files you wish to manage.

Each job consists of one or more tasks that you can select from the list you previously configured. Make sure that you provide the name and password of a PC user with administrative rights to run any of the jobs. Further, you need to schedule the jobs you created in the previous step.

Running one time or recurrent jobs

NTS File Mover allows you to run recurring jobs, by configuring them in the Schedule tab. Each recurring job can be performed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, at the indicated time, on the specified dates or days. Moreover, you can set a duration for each job or set it to be performed every few hours/minutes, in the specified time interval of the day.

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