A simple and user-friendly program functioning as a file manager that lets you copy, move or delete files, as well as decompress archives.

  • FFM
  • Version :Beta Build 17-06-2015
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dmitry Rusov

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FFM Description

FFM is a user-friendly and intuitive piece of software created to assist you in managing the files and folders from your computer, while also enabling you to connect to FTP servers and transfer documents.

Clean and neatly-structured GUI

In regards to its appearance, the application is fairly simple and easy to handle, resorting to a two-panel interface that lets you browse through different directories and move files from one to the other.

In addition, it features several menus (‘Left’, ’Files’, ‘Commands’, ‘Options’, ‘Right’), with functions and options allowing you to manage your documents, switch between view modes or change sorting methods.

Manage the files on your PC in a comfortable environment

The intention behind working with two panels resides in helping you organize your files more easily, being able to move them to different locations, without having to switch back and forth between windows. These are adjustable in size, but the program only supports two, and not more.

FFM features no context menus, enabling you to execute most of its functions via keyboard shortcuts (copy, edit, move, rename, delete, archive, create folder). However, they are not all the classical Windows hotkeys, which means it make take you a while before getting used to them; alternately, you can work with the equivalent functions from the ribbon menus.

You can extract archives in several different formats, including RAR, ZIP, TAR, ISO, 7-ZIP, but when it comes to compressing files, it only offers 7-ZIP as an output option.

Moreover, the utility allows you to connect to FTP servers by specifying the address and login information, being able to transfer files between your computer and the server with just a few mouse clicks.

A simple file explorer and manager

All things considered, FFM proves to be a handy and easy to understand file management program, useful particularly for individuals who prefer working with the keyboard rather than the mouse. While it is evident that it is currently in development, the tool shows promise for future enhancements.

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