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View a list of DLLs that are loaded on your system by turning to this lightweight application that requires no additional configuration.

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NoVirusThanks DLL Explorer Description

If you own a Windows-based computer, you probably understand how keeping track of certain details can help you maintain its performance within optimal parameters.

For instance, if you need to access a list of DLLs available on your system, you can accomplish this task effortlessly by turning to third-party software solutions, such as NoVirusThanks DLL Explorer.

Hassle-free setup

Setting up this program on your computer can be easily done since you do not need to perform any complicated configuration steps during installation.

You just need to accept the End-User License Agreement, decide whether desktop or Quick Launch icons should be created or not and follow the on-screen instructions.

Simple user interface

NoVirusThanks DLL Explorer comes with a minimalistic layout that encompasses a series of accessible, straightforward functions, thus making it possible to operate them without great efforts.

On the downside, this program features no form of local help documentation. Therefore, turning to a standard user guide in case you encounter any difficulties is not a viable option.

DLL scanner

You can turn to this application if you need a quick way to access a list of DLLs that are loaded on your system. The main window integrates three buttons: a Scan, a Stop and an Export one.

If you want to display all the DLLs available on your machine, you just need to hit the Scan button. This utility detects all the corresponding items and lists them alphabetically in the main window, in the designated field.

Features export functions

You can right-click any item and view its properties, open its location or delete it on reboot. However, performing the last action might severely damage your system if misused, thus, caution is advised when tampering with the DLL removal function.

Furthermore, if needed, you can export a LOG file to your computer with all the DLL items that were identified during the scanning process.

Lightweight DLL scanner with data export support

All in all, NoVirusThanks DLL Explorer is a simple application that can help you access a list of active DLLs on your system while also enabling you to export the resulting data to your PC. It features a simple user interface and packs easy to use controls. However, it does not come with standard help documentation, which might be an inconvenient to many users.

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