NovaBACKUP Server

A complete and powerful backup solution that allows you to schedule periodic backups in order to avoid data loss due to hardware failure.

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NovaBACKUP Server Description

NovaBACKUP Server is a professional-grade piece of software that allows users to keep their files secure by creating backups and avoiding data loss in the event of disaster or computer failure.

Use backup and restore wizards

The application comes with a series of integrated wizards that allow users to backup their data or restore files intuitively. Moreover, the program includes a scheduler, enabling users to set up tasks that they want to be performed when the computer is idle.

The included wizards represent the simplest way to backup or restore files, but users can also perform the activity manually. Thus, they can select the exact files and folders they want to be saved, along with the destination of the backup file.

Schedule multiple operations

The program comes with a powerful scheduler, providing users with the possibility to define multiple tasks to be performed at desired times. They can define both back-ups and restore operations, and can set the program to repeat them at desired intervals.

Users can keep track of the scheduled and active operations by heading to the Status tab. The tool also logs all of the completed tasks and allows users to view a list of logs directly on its main window.

Save files locally or in the cloud

The program includes support for creating both local and remote backups. Thus, users can save their files to a different partition on the same hard disk or a new drive inside the same computer or can create the backup on a network location.

With the help of this application, users can also save their files to an online destination. For that, however, they need to provide server login credentials so that the tool can automatically connect to it. System admins can use the tool to backup files on multiple computers on the same network.

A fast and reliable backup program

In conclusion, NovaBACKUP Server is a robust backup and restore tool, offering users the possibility to save their files locally or on a network destination and also providing them with the option to schedule backup tasks.

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