Enhance your CCleaner copy with this lightweight and portable application, by adding support for a wide array of programs to clean.

  • CCEnhancer
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Shane Gowland

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CCEnhancer Description

CCEnhancer is a tiny application whose purpose is to provide additional support to CCleaner through a long list of utilities to clean. It is very simple to use.

This is a portable piece of software, so no installation is involved here. You can just drop the program files anywhere on the hard drive and run the executable.

There’s also the possibility of moving CCEnhancer to a USB flash drive or similar storage unit, from where you can run it on any computer with an active Internet connection and CCleaner pre-installed.

An important aspect to mention is that the app doesn’t affect Windows’ functionality by updating the Registry. Furthermore, leftovers are not kept by the hard disk after removing the program.

CCEnhancer does not actually contain a database of applications to integrate into CCleaner, but facilitates the downloading of definitions. Therefore, it comes in handy to keep CCEnhancer around whenever you want to get the latest apps supported by the cleaner’s capabilities, instead of keeping an eye on the developer’s website for program updates.

It is suffice to click a button to initialize the rapid downloading operation, as CCEnhancer takes care of the rest. In case of any downloading failures via default settings, the tool gives you the possibility of creating portable locations to be used as alternative solutions. You can also make CCleaner run silently on completion, set CCEnhancer to update automatically on Windows startup, as well as delete custom rules.

CCEnhancer includes multilingual support and seamlessly integrates into CCleaner, without causing any stability issues. However, it takes the cleaning tool a longer time than usual to load all supported applications, which is normal.

Among the list of hundreds of new applications built into CCleaner, we have noticed support for Chrome (e.g. bookmark backups, local storage, logs), BitTorrent incomplete downloads, Network Service history, Pidgin chat logs, Dropbox cache, Microsoft.NET cache, Windows backups and update logs. All new entries are marked by asterisks, thus you can tell them apart from CCleaner’s options easily.

The only downside to CCEnhancer is that you cannot uninstall its components without removing CCleaner as well, unless you are an expert user who knows how to tinker with the Initialization file. Moreover, it is not possible to select which modules to install. Nevertheless, CCEnhancer certainly pleases all users who want to enhance the functionality of Ccleaner, thanks to its overall simplicity and rich database.

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