Dual-pane file manager with fast directory browsing, internal ZIP packer and unpacker, command-line support, and customizable toolbar.

  • NGM
  • Version :1.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jan Kasik

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NGM Description

NGM is a software tool that provides users with a simple means of performing management operations with their files, archive items and easily access the command prompt.

Seamless setup and simple-to-handle interface

The installation process does not take very long and does not come with any unpleasant surprises. After you are done with it, you are greeted by a pretty plain GUI, as it only encompasses a menu bar, several buttons and two side-by-side panes, which aid you in quickly browsing the contents of your hard drive.

It is pretty clear that is has been built in order to be suitable for all types of users, including those with little or no previous experience with software apps.

Basic file management options

This program enables you to perform simple file management operations, such as copying, moving, deleting, pasting, renaming and sorting items according to name, extension, size or time.

Moreover, it is possible to view properties, create new files or shortcuts, archive items using a ZIP extension and unpack them to a custom location.

Map network drives, swap panels and open the command prompt

It is possible to access the command prompt with ease, as well as the registry editor and calculator. You can view a list with all available services, empty the Recycle Bin, swap panels, change volume label and bring up disk information.

Last but not least, you can map network drives or disconnect them, customize the utility’s appearance and add items to Favorites. However, a small setback is that you cannot use the “drag and drop” function between the two panels.


To sum up, NGM is a pretty efficient piece of software, when it comes to managing your items in an efficient fashion. The interface is user-friendly, the response time is good, CPU and memory usage is low at all times and there are sufficient options to keep you busy for quite a while.

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