A versatile application that serves to provide a more comfortable means to explore and manage local resources on Windows 8 devices.

  • Explorer8
  • Version :Release 17
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Alireza Noori

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Explorer8 Description

Explorer8 makes for a more modern way to manage and explore files and folders on Windows 8 enabled devices, be they desktop systems or touch devices. It makes an impression through looks, as well as functionality, without putting a strain on system resources.

Explorer8 fits the fresh appearance characteristic to Windows 8 and adopts an approach that benefits all audiences, as it combines ease of use with a sophisticated, yet intuitive engine. With it, you can navigate the inner structure of your computer and perform common tasks in a timely fashion manner.

The first thing you’re going to love about Explorer8 is its modern interface, which is skinnable, therefore you can switch between different appearances (just two at this time, namely light and dark).

By default, you are welcomed by a list that provides access to three of the most popular sections of your computer: Music, Pictures and Videos, but there are possibilities to extend the list, of course.

You can index new folders by selecting them manually and you can explore the contents of the directories without ever leaving the main window of the program. You can create new folders or pin them to the start screen, for easy access and manage the files inside them, as well.

Possible operations include sort, copy, cut, paste, rename, delete, open, add to favorites, rotate (for pictures only), as well as the possibility to view the properties of a file. The latter triggers a dialog where details, such as name, path, size, type and date modified are present.

If you want to locate a file quicker, you can use the built-in search box, but note that this is available only for the indexed directories, therefore, not all local resources are taken into account.

In conclusion, Explorer8 comes across as a more avant-garde alternative to traditional file managers. Moreover, all devices that are empowered by Windows 8 can take advantage of its feature set.

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