Analyze archives against corruption and determine whether they are fully downloaded so you can extract them to dedicated folders via this app.

  • News-Move
  • Version :4.40
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jörg Krahe

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News-Move Description

News-Move is a lightweight piece of software that enables you to analyze the integrity of archive files and help you establish whether they are corrupted or the download was incomplete.

Quick setup and well-structured interface

The installation is fast and uneventful, particularly since it entails decompressing the archive on the desired location on your hard disk. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a rugged and unpolished interface that is organized in three tabs, namely Functions, Tools and Options.

The app does not come with a help section and the indications and features are available in a relatively small font size by default. Nevertheless, you should know that you can increase the font from the Options tab and it does not take too long to get familiarized with the interface.

Enables you to analyze and manage archives efficiently

The idea behind the program is to help you manage archives and the files they contain in a versatile environment. A noteworthy function if that the tool allows you to perform a completeness check, an option that you can use to analyze archive files that have been split for various reasons.

In addition, the app checks against the integrity of the files and, if everything is in order, permits you to extract them to the same folder or a dedicated subfolder. It is worth mentioning that you can move, match sort, extract files, view and add comments for the directories and files you are managing.

You should know that the application supports common archive files – ZIP, RAR and ACE – but it also works with NZB file formats. Therefore, if you are managing Usenet server or would like to retrieve posts so you can examine messages more thoroughly, then you can import NZB and compare, move, add timestamps, perform Cyclic Redundancy Checks and create new folders for these files it stores.

A tool that can help you organize archived files better

Regardless of whether you are managing NNTP or Usenet servers or you need to process archives from other sources smooth and efficiently, News-Move can lend you a hand with the common operations.

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