Navicat for Oracle

Administer Oracle servers and databases with this user-friendly tool that supports secure connections, an object designer, and other features.

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Navicat for Oracle Description

Navicat is an approachable software tool that provides Oracle users with an intuitive workspace to create tables, view triggers, and perform other operations related to SQL databases.

Rapid installation and user-friendly interface

Setting up Navicat is a fast and easy job that does not require special attention. It is wrapped in a simple-to-use window with a neatly designed structure, where you can get started by creating a new connection with a name, type, IP address, port number, service name, user name, and password.

Set up connections and view data

Advanced connection settings revolve around the location, role, keep-alive interval, OS authentication method, automatic connection mode, and SSH tunnel. The connection can be tested before enabling it. It can be exported to file and imported at a later time.

It is possible to view and create new tables, views, functions, queries, reports, data dumps, models and users, as well as to schedule batch jobs. What’s more, you can put together a favorites list for quick access, transfer and synchronize data, monitor the server, examine the history log, as well as use a search function for the database/scheme.

Configure program settings

The software application also lets you allow multiple instances for Navicat and forms, disable code and word completion along with syntax highlighting, deactivate auto-saving mode, customize font settings, adjust the process priority, change the default locations for logs and profiles, make file associations, and so on.

Evaluation and conclusion

There were no kind of issues in our evaluation, as Navicat did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It leaves a small footprint on system resources, using low CPU and RAM. To conclude, this useful app provides you with the necessary tools and friendly interface for managing Oracle databases.

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