Perform complex integrations, linear regressions and plot trigonometric functions in three dimensions using this simple application.

  • fxCalc
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Hans Jörg Schmidt

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fxCalc Description

FxCalc is a lightweight, yet very efficient piece of software designed from the ground up to help you define, analyze, visualize and calculate scientific or mathematical functions and tasks, as well as perform linear regressions.

All important functions within a compact and all-encompassing main window

Following a simple and surprise-free installation process, you can launch the application and get started right away, its usage being sufficiently streamlined to allow even novice users with little PC knowledge to take advantage of it.

The interface is compact and resembles the large majority of calculators out there. The main window of FxCalc allows you to access the most fundamental mathematical expressions and functions.

From the same main window, you can also access its collection of self-defined functions, solve and analyze complex calculations, perform linear regressions and plot functions in 2D or 3D view with the help of its advanced features.

Simple and complex mathematical operations, solved with just a few clicks

Additionally, you should know that FxCalc can automatically solve complex equations, provided you follow the standard mathematical rules and there are no missing multiplication operators or parentheses.

One of the best things about this utility is the fact that it can provide you with function analysis combined with a graphic result presentation, thus providing you with a clear understanding of the results.

Also noteworthy are FxCalc’s syntax highlighting engine that helps you keep your mathematical expressions in check and its integrated libraries for scientific constants and functions.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the app’s automated history feature that marks every single move and performed calculation by just clicking the dedicated button on the main window.

Balanced and efficient software solution for mathematical calculations

In a nutshell, while at first FxCalc might seem so simple that you might think that it is just like the native Windows calculator, this little application punches quite hard when it comes to advanced calculation features.

Besides all that was mentioned above, the app comes with one more ace up its sleeve: the fact that you can open multiple similar windows and compare the results if needed.

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