Lightweight tool which enables you to view Mozilla Firefox history with a great deal of details, and lets you export data to a file.

  • MZHistoryView
  • Version :1.60
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nir Sofer

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MZHistoryView Description

MZHistoryView is a software program developed specifically to aid individuals in viewing more details pertaining to their Mozilla Firefox history and save the information to a file on the hard drive.

The upside of portable apps

The installation process is not a necessity, as this utility is portable. This means that, unlike installers, it is not going to add any new items to the Windows registry or hard drive without your approval, and it is not going to leave any traces behind, after its removal.

Another important aspects that should not be looked over is that if you place the program files to an external data device, you make it possible to take MozillaHistoryView anywhere with you, and run it on any PC you come in contact with.

Easy-to-access environment

The interface you come by encloses a pretty plain and minimal design, being comprised of a menu bar, a few buttons and a panel which displays all history entries and details. It becomes quite clear it can be used by anybody with great ease, from beginners to highly experienced people.

View information and save it to computer

It is possible to view a list of all URL you have accessed along with details such as first and last visit date, number of times it has been opened, host name, title, record index and visit type. You can use a search function, copy the selected items or just the URL to the Clipboard, show the date and time in GMT and open a link into your default web browser.

Aside from that, you can refresh the list at any point and save all the information to the hard drive, using formats such as TXT, HTML, XML and CSV.


All in all, MZHistoryView proves to be a simple, yet handy piece of software. It displays a large number of details, it does not burden the computer’s performance and all tasks are performed swiftly. Our tests did not register any kind of errors, hangs or crashes and the interface is accessible.

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