With this lightweight application, you can block your own Internet access, in order to increase your work productivity during office hours.

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Freedom Description

Freedom is a handy piece of software that aims to help you increase your work productivity by enabling you to disconnect from the Internet for any time interval at a time, to avoid online temptations.

Manage sessions via the tray menu and your online Freedom account

An account is required for the application to work. After logging in, Freedom is automatically sent to the system tray, where you can find all its options. Managing, starting and scheduling sessions are done via the right-click menu, as no traditional GUI is available.

Nevertheless, there are a few actions that cannot be performed directly via the tray menu, so you will be redirected to your online Freedom account. Here, you can see and manage all your devices, toggle the locked mode, start new sessions, as well as organize and add new blocklists.

After blocking your web access, a dedicated dialog informs you of your remaining time until the restriction expires.

Block your own Internet access in order to focus on important tasks

Everyone knows that working on a computer means online distractions, such as news websites, games or social media, represent an unavoidable risk, that can eat up precious time out of your daily activities.

Freedom offers you the means of self-imposing a web access restriction period in order to help you focus on your work and get more things done during that time, rather than waste it online.

The application lets you define the amount of time you need the Internet to be inaccessible, having the option of including your network in the mix, as well. Freedom can be configured to run for however long you need, on any day of the week.

Of course, the utility can be disabled, but it requires you to reboot your system, which may deter you from going through with it, thus making it more likely that you will return to your tasks.

A simple tool for self-imposed Internet blocking

All in all, Freedom is a useful and intuitive program that you can rely on for preventing yourself from wasting time on the web, rather than working on your projects and assignments.

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