A comprehensive and reliable piece of software that allows you to view detailed information about your computer’s hardware and software.

  • MvPCinfo
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MVsoft Co

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MvPCinfo Description

MvPCinfo is a comprehensive system information tool that reveals details about both the hardware and the software sides of your computer.

Rookies may find the interface a bit cluttered, especially because the main window is flooded with information, but it’s only a matter of time until you get used to it.

Categories are nicely listed in the right part of the screen, so you can get information on the system, processor, disks, network, peripherals, processes, desktop, licenses, installed applications, files and accounts.

The general system tab displays details such as computer name, model, type, manufacturer, processor, bios version, motherboard, hard disks, memory, video card, network cards, operating system and last boot.

Of course, the information you get depends on the category you open, so at least average computer experience is needed to take the most out of the app.

MvPCinfo can also generate reports as text documents and print them or simply send the files via email, TCP or FTP protocols. Last but not least, it incorporates a LAN and a port scanner developed to help users get information on a specific IP range or on some user-defined ports.

MvPCinfo works smoothly on all Windows versions, but it needs up to one minute to collect the information every time you launch it. It doesn’t hamper system performance however and standard user privileges are enough.

To sum up, MvPCinfo is a handy piece of software if you’re ready to spend some time getting used to its cluttered GUI. It provides a truly great amount of information and it doesn’t assault users with any unnecessary tools.

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