MultiMark PRO

Streamline team discussions by enabling each team member to draw on the same screen and highlight various items, with this handy utility.

  • MultiMark PRO
  • Version :1.0.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DicoLab bv

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MultiMark PRO Description

When working on a project with multiple team members on the same computer, it can be difficult to get certain points across, especially when only one user can control the PC.

MultiMark PRO is a simple application that makes it possible for multiple people to draw on the same desktop or point out items of interest. Each user is allowed to control a separate input device, making it a lot easier for team members to work together.

Straightforward program that can be set up very quickly

As long as each user has a mouse they can connect to the host PC, no additional configurations need to be performed. You only have to plug in all the devices and launch the application.

Once everything has been prepared, each team member is allowed to control a separate cursor, and they can select one of the available tools to draw content or highlight certain areas.

Useful application that offers a decent set of features

You can draw on the screen using the pen tool, and there are several colors to choose from. However, you cannot define custom hues or modify the pen’s thickness, although the program does offer multiple transparency modes.

The Flashlight tool can be very useful, as it enables users to highlight certain items. To do so, you only need to hold down the left mouse button and place the cursor over the item you wish to point out.

Of course, an eraser tool is available as well, and you can also clear the whole overlay with a single mouse click.

Take screenshots to preserve your team’s notes

If you wish to continue a discussion at a later date, you can capture the contents of your desktop and analyze the drawings or notes at any time. However, it is not possible to include only a certain area of the screen.

Overall, MultiMark PRO is a nifty annotation utility that makes it possible for multiple users to draw content on the same desktop and highlight important items. It is very easy to set up and can help your team complete tasks more efficiently, but it could use a couple of additional features.

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