EL-Skyport Flash Virtual Studio

A comprehensive, yet user-friendly software solution that enables you to manage the Flash lighting from you devices accurately during a photoshoot session.

  • EL-Skyport Flash Virtual Studio
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Elinchrom

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EL-Skyport Flash Virtual Studio Description

While it is true that modern digital cameras include a wide range of lighting modes you can work with, there are still challenges to getting the right light during photo shoots that may vary according to the particular factors in an environment.

EL-Skyport Flash Virtual Studio is an application designed to help you take full control of the lighting systems that is specific to the Elinchrom-compatible devices you are using.

Comes with a well-organized and intuitive interface

Even though it is not very appealing, the GUI is structured and user-friend, so it is unlikely that you are going to encounter any issues while navigating or working with it. Then again, in case you do, then you should keep in mind that the application comes with a comprehensive manual that presents all features and tasks you can achieve with this tool in detail.

Upon launch, you are welcome by a Splash Screen that provides you with a summary of the available templates, recent jobs you have been working on as well as new regarding firmware updates or releases. In the uttermost left side of the interface, you can preview a dashboard with the effects, equipment, Elinchrom compatible devices detected that are connected to your computer.

Manage Flash via Direct Control and Virtual Studio Modes

The program includes two operating modes that you can use depending on the circumstances, namely the Virtual Studio and the Direct Control modes. Direct Control is the default mode active when you launch the software solution and it allows you to manage the Elinchrom RX flash units remotely via an external connection.

As you probably hinted, the Virtual Studio enables you to create a two-dimensional environment that features all accessories, objects, backgrounds and cameras. Consequentially, it can be useful when preparing your equipment and try to figure out the ideal layout for it, for instance.

A utility that can help you get the most of the photo shoots

In the eventuality that you are having troubles arranging all your devices in a certain order so that you can obtain the right light to highlight the objects of your photo shoot, then perhaps EL-Skyport Flash Virtual Studio might come in handy.

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