muCommander Portable

A tool that enables you to browse two different file trees in adjacent windows, allowing them to compare folders and transfer files across.

  • muCommander Portable
  • Version :0.9.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Maxence Bernard

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muCommander Portable Description

For those who work with files and folders on a regular basis, it can be quite frustrating to switch between various file exploring windows to transfer files or compare folders. muCommander Portable is an application that allows users to explore multiple folders within the same window, with adjacent panels that can explore either the same or separate folders simultaneously.

A well designed interface that feels natural and intuitive to use

The layout and features of muCommander Portable are put together well, providing users with a clear way to explore multiple folders at once. At no point will users feel lost or unable to get the application to do what they need it to do, and, features like the back button, are well placed and respond contextually.

There are three separate back buttons within the main window, one for each panel and a large one above both areas. The large back button goes back for whichever panel was used last, making a very simple to use and preventing any struggle or confusion about how to control one panel, but not another.

Useful features that solve most, if not all of a users requirements for exploring file directories

muCommander Portable includes a wide array of features that make advanced file browsing simple, providing users with various shortcuts and tools. The program can bookmark specific areas, set a home folder, mark specific files, swap folders between the two chosen locations, run script commands, create new folders and open additional split windows.

Aside from all the main functions, there are several settings that can be changed to customize the smaller aspects of the program and how files are viewed. The date be changed between the different display formats, switch between 12 and 24 hour time, set different home folders between the two panels and show hidden files.

A robust file exploring tool that easily improves upon most standard file exploring programs

All in all, muCommander Portable is a very impressive application when it comes to user friendly design and an accessible interface. When users need to deal with multiple folders on a regular basis, muCommander Portable removes any tedium and frustration that can occur. In short, muCommander Portable is an excellent choice and easy to recommend.

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