MP4 Video Splitter Software

Split large MP4 files into multiple smaller parts, with the help of this straightforward and easy-to-use program that supports batch processing.

  • MP4 Video Splitter Software
  • Version :7.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sobolsoft

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MP4 Video Splitter Software Description

When dealing with particularly large video files, saving them on portable storage devices or sharing them with your friends is not always possible. However, you can manage them more easily by cutting them into multiple parts.

MP4 Video Splitter Software is a useful software utility that makes it possible to divide your MP4 videos into multiple files of equal length. It supports batch processing, and it is fairly easy to use, but it lacks advanced features and offers a disappointing UI.

Lightweight and user-friendly MP4 splitter

MP4 Video Splitter Software is suitable for novices, as no specialized knowledge is required in order to process videos. Essentially, you only need to load your files, select the desired split interval and define the output location.

The program also offers support for drag and drop, and it is even possible to import all the MP4 files stored in a particular folder in one quick operation.

Straightforward utility that lacks advanced features

Sadly, it is not possible to cut specific sections from the source videos, as they can only be divided into a certain number of equal parts. Because of this, and the fact that only the MP4 format is supported, the application is not particularly versatile.

Additionally, the program cannot encode your videos to other formats, a feature that many users would likely have found helpful.

Nevertheless, MP4 Video Splitter Software is a great tool for users who need to divide a large number of videos into multiple parts, either for uploading on various websites or sharing with others.

Outdated UI that fails to impress

The application’s user interface could use some major improvements, as it is noticeably out of date. While the program’s appearance may not be a deciding factor for many users, it is something to consider if you are accustomed to modern-looking applications.

In conclusion, MP4 Video Splitter Software is a simple, reliable application that can help you cut batches of videos into multiple parts. It is relatively intuitive, but it lacks advanced features and would benefit from a redesigned user interface.

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