Watch movies or TV series on your computer in a quick. convenient manner by turning to this application that streams the content to your PC.

  • Lawd
  • Version :0.4.0
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mustapha Turki

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Lawd Description

Watching movies on your computer can be an excellent way to spend your free time, but you probably understand that doing so without the appropriate tools can be a challenging task, if not an impossible one.

Lawd can help you view movies or TV shows on your computer in an efficient manner, by simply selecting them and clicking the corresponding link in the description page.

Portable utility

This program does not require you to install it on your computer, since it is portable and unpacking the contents of its archive and launching the executable grants you full access to its functions.

More so, you can run it from removable media storage such as USB flash drives and external HDDs, as well. Furthermore, it does not create any additional files or folders on your computer, nor does it tamper with any of your system’s registry entries.

Smooth interface

Lawd comes with a simplistic, yet stylish interface that packs a few interactive functions. Therefore, it is possible that numerous users, regardless of their PC skills or previous experience with similar software, to operate its controls efficiently.

No additional configuration window, menu or pane is available, since the purpose of this application is letting you enjoy movies or TV shows on your computer as simply and effortlessly as possible.

Enjoy streamed movies or TV shows on your PC

This application lets you view TV shows or movies on your computer by streaming them from a remote location. The main window of the program displays multiple movies that you can access by just clicking them, which provides you with additional details such as IMDb score, release date, runtime, country, director and cast.

You can watch your desired content directly in this utility by clicking the dedicated button from the description menu. This application packs basic playback functions. However, subtitles are identified online and loaded automatically, so you do not have to spend time looking for them.

Handy application that lets you view movies by streaming them to your computer

All things considered, Lawd is a handy program that lets you enjoy movies or TV shows by streaming them on your computer. It is a portable application, comes with a smooth user interface, requires no additional configuration and can be accessed by a broad range of users, regardless of their PC skills.

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