Money Calendar

Using this application you can manage your income and expenses by creating a calendar with transaction details and you can view statistics about them.

  • Money Calendar
  • Version :5.1.1608.834
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sketchman Studio

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Money Calendar Description

Every month there’s that day when you get to see your account receive a certain amount of cash, while the rest of the days you probably watch as it all goes away. A good management of that budget along with time can help you save some by the end of the month, or even keep a business together. You can use Money Calendar to keep funds and transactions under close watch.

Visually appealing and easy to use

The visual design of the application helps make a proper good impression, but it also makes accommodation a walk in the park, because of the intuitive arrangement of elements. Most of the space is used to show the current month, as well as any transactions that take place in this period.

A couple of accounts are already created, so you can start using them or create your own. However, an account is always empty by default unless any transactions are set up, and creating an account only requires you to specify a few details like currency, name, type, and more.

Configure incomes, expenses, and generate reports

Transactions are either expense, income, or transfer. The category needs to be selected, with options to choose from presets or manage your own. The amount field speaks for itself, and there’s also an option to quickly launch a calculator for more aid. In case you don’t find the right type of currency, you might want to pay a visit to the options menu to update the list.

All transactions are then shown on the calendar view, and each type with its own color for easy differentiation. Balance is shown next to each change in flow, so you don’t have to access different calculus tools. However, there is the possibility to generate reports according to custom filters, with all data saved to RTF files.

In conclusion

All things considered, we can safely state that Money Calendar is sure to help you manage your business a little better, or at least bring some order into your personal financial life. Overall, the set of controls is intuitive, letting anyone accommodate in a jiffy, and even though there are many options for reports and account management, effort on your behalf is minimum.

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